Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lume's Song by Meredith Burton

Light of life, so free, so fair
That flows from my being as a gift beyond compare.
Yet that light so bright, a reflection of Him,
Can only shine forth when my heart is cleansed.

My wife so strong, the guide for our home,
So mutilated now by our children who roam.
What can be done when children have betrayed
The ones who gave them life and a home in which to stay?

My wife sings, and I rage,
A blazing furnace roils as I rant and rave!
“He only sleeps, that monster of Death,
While you pine for the ones who left you in shreds?
Where is justice in this world
Of decay and rot?”

Hymlume’s voice, brittle and thin,
Replies with a strength that emerges from within.
“Our Lord promised to bring them back to their kin.
We must wait, for His judgment is fair.
I know this, as I know our lights will guide them back to our garden so rare.”

I fall to my knees, the furnace hot and strong,
My wife holds me close and sings her trembling song.
Above her voice, another I hear,
One that shares my pain and is so near.
Our children who stayed join their voices as well,
And the music enters into my inferno of Hell.

I collapse to the ground, suddenly so tired.
I, like Death-In-Life, must sleep, but I will awaken inspired.
For I now understand that pain is a curse
That every creature endures for better or worse.
The Dragon who sleeps will never rest,
For he no longer listens to the Song that once filled his breast.

Some have ears to hear when times of anguish arise.
Despite their pain, the Song cannot be disguised.
Yet I know that I need others to hear,
For they will remind me to listen despite my rage and fear.

I awaken, for Day has dawned.
Like my wife, I must soldier on.
For although violation has scarred our lives,
His Song will carry us through the days and nights.

Beyond the Final Water falling,
The Songs of Spheres recalling.
When betrayal suffocates your will to live,
Won’t you return to me?

Yes, for You are my life,
I can only reflect Your gift of light.
I know that my reflection is feeble and frail,
But it is you alone who can compel
My light to shine.

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  1. Whoa. Never actually thought about that event from Hylumne's POV before. o_O
    Favorite lines: "We must wait, for His judgment is fair.../Some have ears to hear when times of anguish arise./Despite their pain, the Song cannot be disguised."
    You've submitted a lot of great reads, Meredith! :D

  2. This was amazing. I never really thought about what Lume must have felt like... they were his kids too.