Thursday, September 1, 2016

​​Haikus of Goldstone Wood by Andrew Taylor

Woods that lay between
Separating many worlds
The worlds of the fae

Una and Felix
The siblings play by the bridge
Unable to cross

Una the princess
Tricked into loving a fool
The prince who betrays

Dragon named Una
Trying to find who she is
Killed to be reborn

The prince who betrays
Betraying even his friend
To the dragon king

Prince's redemption
Rescuing his one true friend
From the goblin king

A beanpole or sword
Is it a weapon or tool?
Can it not be both?

Felix the brother
Found by the king of goblins
Poisoned by a rose

Cat up in the tree
Angering tigers below
Saved by the mocker

Starflower the maid
Filled with a powerful love
Key to victory

Cat finds a maiden
Cursed to live without a voice
Secretly in love

Given a secret
That she had known all along
Maiden finds her voice

A cursed faerie queen
Alone in her misery
In a cursed demesne

Goblin invasion
Looking for the house of lights
Hidden in plain view

Evil cannot stand
Against the light of the king
They are defeated

A wolf in her mind
Scared into running away
On her wedding day

His bride ran away
He wanders the dreaded wood
All to find his bride

Child-eating evil
Finally stopped forever
The children set free

To save his true love
He sacrifices his hands
Story come to life

Prancing Unicorns
Twinkling in the heavens
Children of the moon

The stars are falling
Screaming into the ocean
Stand, and stab the moon

The stars have fallen
But some are still in the sky
Singing Songs anew

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  1. These haikus capture the series wonderfully. The last one really cinched it, gave me chills. :)
    Great job, Andrew! :D

  2. I really liked the second to last one. It just sounded really cool. "Stand, and stab the moon". Really sad, but still cool.